You don't need to be an expert to extend the life of your car in Tanzania, in most cases this can be done with simple actions that won't take more than 10 minutes. Some of the following tips do not require you to spend a single penny, but others (such as maintenance services) will require you to spend a small amount of money to keep your car in good condition.

This will not only help you prevent the vehicle you are driving from leaving you stranded or turning off on the road, but you can also increase its resale value in the used car market.

1. Do not drive with the oil signal

This is not a “magic genie lamp” icon, so having the oil symbol lit is not a good indication. This is one of the warning lights that you can never ignore, so you should stop as soon as possible and turn off the vehicle.

2. Avoid leaving your car without fuel

Running out of fuel in our car happens often and because of that, the entire injection body can be damaged and could result in an expensive repair. When trying to pump every last drop of gasoline, sediment left in the tank can clog both the fuel pump and the injectors.

3. Don't let rust spread

If you live in places where humidity is common, we recommend that you check the bottom of your car in search of any small rust marks, one of the worst enemies of car paint.

4. Up-to-date maintenance

All cars need basic maintenance, which includes filter, spark plug and oil changes from time to time. All units are different, so the advice to follow is to check in the user manual (or on the internet) when you should do this care.

5. Lift your foot off the clutch

If your car has a manual transmission, the most common mistake on many occasions is to keep our left foot pressing the clutch pedal. No matter how light the pressure is exerted on this element, the mechanical components that change the clutch begin to “rub” unnecessarily.

6. Do not fill the antifreeze tank with water

By doing this, you cause the metals through which the water circulates to rust, bringing more expensive repair problems compared to buying a gallon of antifreeze. In places with extremely cold weather, the water can freeze inside the container, rendering the car unusable