There are many ways to value a car insurance in Tanzania. Possibly the main one that interests us all is the price, deciding on all-risk or third-party insurance. But there are other things in the fine print that are key, like car insurance roadside assistance.

It is true that few people check their insurance coverage in detail and even less roadside assistance services, which often occur. These are the aspects that you should look at to analyze this benefit when you are taking out insurance:

When are you eligible for coverage?

A car can become immobilized on the road for various reasons. From a flat tire, a battery failure, even from running out of fuel or losing the keys. See if your insurance covers roadside assistance in all cases or only they respond in some.

Type of assistance provided

Do not think that if you have a breakdown or accident all policies act in the same way. You have to look at the response they give to the transportation and transfer needs, both of the vehicle and of the passengers. And, depending on the type of insurance, this coverage may include on-site repair (if possible).

Assistance to people

In the event that there are injuries and the culprit of the accident is a third party, it is always the insurance that must cover the care and transfer of the injured. In the event that the driver of the vehicle where there are injuries was at fault for the accident, it is important to know the amount that the transfer covers. All costs that exceed there must be paid separately.

From what distance is provided

There are insurances that provide assistance from a certain distance from the habitual residence (usually between 15 and 30 kilometers). The most complete offer coverage from kilometer zero.

Sustitution vehicle

There are faults that are solved in a short time. Other times, it may take many days for the car to be operational again. Investigate if the insurance coverage offers a replacement vehicle, for many people having a car is vital to continue with their day to day.
Obviously, increasing the coverage in an insurance policy will increase its price. You should keep in mind that if you do not pay those extras, sometimes you can face extra expenses like the ones mentioned.