Considered as one of the fastest developing region in Africa, the East African region needs new services and will be able to create new businesses. We can find the demand for dependable mobility alternatives in order to maintain these lively towns on the move.

As well as a mobile cash solution, an easy service of taxis has become a requirement for most city inhabitants. Currently, Uber is even a frequent term in normal conversation. We can also find this word used as a verb. As an example, the sentences "I will Uber" or "I am Ubering" is typical among metropolitans.

The other big current question is the safety of the transportation. This new approach does not only deals with traffic congestion, pollution and transport expenses. It deals, above all, with the way the city could enhance the moves by boosting safe and reliable alternatives. The main objective is thus to guarantee security for all road users at all times.

East African cities are looking for a metropolitan freedom approach which prioritises road security. Technologies allows to improve safety in its own ecosystem. The focus here is not just about getting motorists to their destination but make sure that they will do in a safe way. As Uber is said to be a safe means of transport, we are utilizing this new technology to build security from the start to the end of the move.

By way of example, before confirming the trip, drivers are frequently requested to take a selfie which confirms that the individual who is driving matches the profile of the partner enrolled from the app. On the other side, riders can also access immediately their own driver's name, number and automobile number plate. This ensures that both passengers and drivers make better decisions about their move, as they can observe the profile of the other. The app also offers a GPS tracking for each trip. If every trip starts the riders and driver-partner can also share their estimated time of arrival with a loved one for instance.

Moreover, a 24/7 team can answer your questions, and to any incidents you may have had during a journey. This group works narrowly with the police in order to solve potential issues. Uber also has a dedicated crisis line for their driver-partners across East Africa.

Safety is crucial for each of us. That is why Uber focuses on the safety of drivers and riders. In Dar es Salaam, the company is in partnership with the city council so as to give decals for all drivers working with the Uber app.

How people move around is completely changing. Uber wants to enable individuals with more options on how they journey.