Pollution coming form the traffic has become a growing problem in the biggest city of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, and as such it needs immediate attention before it goes out of control.

Especially during rush hours, the problem cannot be dismissed and as pollution is everywhere. There are lots of factors that take part in this problem.  One of the main reason for the air pollution problem in the city centre is large traffic volume which is concentrated on just 4.4% of the total road length in the city. Another one is the increase in number and density of high rise buildings which end up hindering pollutant dilution by natural ventilation. Moreover a shortage of parking places also contributes to the problem. And obviously the fact that the number of vehicles in Dar es Salaam has been increasing at the rate of 6.3% annually doesn't do any good to the situation.  

Furthermore, automobiles exhaust gas coefficients for nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide that are 10 times those of the USA. This is mainly attributed to low-energy efficiency of engines of most of the cars plying city roads due to old age. Concentrations of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas are also found to be high. In a nutshell, pollution is growing faster and more deadly than elsewhere. 

To slow down this issue, enacting and enforcing of special laws pertaining to control and prevention of air pollution  along with other measures are unavoidable.