NEXUS Automotive International is taking strides to enhance its presence in Africa. This leading automotive aftermarket company has been in operation for nine years and is now focused on furthering its growth in the continent. To do this, NEXUS will utilize IAMAGA, a regional entity dedicated to the African Automotive Aftermarket. IAMAGA comprises 34 members based in Africa and their affiliates.

Innovative and Sustainable Initiatives

NEXUS is committed to accelerating Africa's growth and implementing innovative and sustainable initiatives. By developing the activities of IAMAGA, the company aims to provide even more services and support to its African customers and partners. With the increasing demand for automotive products and services in Africa, NEXUS recognizes the importance of having a strong presence in the region. The company is confident that its collaboration with IAMAGA will result in significant growth and success for both organizations.

NEXUS Automotive International is a global leader in the automotive aftermarket industry, providing high-quality products and services to its customers worldwide. The company's focus on innovation and sustainability has enabled it to stay ahead of the competition and continuously meet the evolving needs of its customers. In Africa, NEXUS aims to provide the same level of expertise and support it is known for, helping customers and partners achieve their goals and succeed in the highly competitive automotive industry.

Services Provided by IAMAGA

IAMAGA is a business committed to provide a range of services to its neighbourhood to enhance its overall experience. The business provides a range of services, including transactional actions that provide optimum pricing and access. The community will be able to transact more cheaply and effectively as a result.

Partnerships with OEMs

IAMAGA additionally provides OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with strategic alliances to create particular business ties. This will make it easier to guarantee that the neighbourhood receives high-quality goods and services from reliable suppliers.

Financing and Coordination

The business additionally manages and finances creative ventures. This will make it possible for the neighbourhood to finance and create innovative projects that will advance the African market. IAMAGA also supports activities connected to sustainability, enabling the neighbourhood to move toward a more sustainable future.

Data Sharing Services

IAMAGA also offers data-sharing services to its community, allowing members to access and share information. 

Additionally, the company provides NEXUS Academy Training deployment aimed at garages and distributors to help them improve their services and skills. This is done through structured training programs and workshops.

Network Services for Garages

Additionally, IAMAGA provides network services that help garages organise their offerings and improve the client experience. The business also offers mobility in Africa through the evaluation of innovative ideas. This will support the advancement of cutting-edge technology that will increase mobility throughout the African continent.

In order to enhance the overall experience of African members, the organisation also provides representativeness, a central service centre, credit risk rating, and other significant services. In addition, IAMAGA offers sustainability activity structuring that will support campaigns to promote recycling, reusing, and other sustainable practises.

Last but not least, IAMAGA intends to replicate the recently founded Algerian Academy in other regions, which will aid in extending the company's reach and enhancing the entire membership experience. The company will also bring its community back together by planning a special mid-year event in Morocco that will give participants the chance to interact, network, and gain knowledge from one another.

Leading In The Automotive Aftermarket (Aa) Industry

NEXUS Automotive International is a leading global community in the automotive aftermarket (AA) industry, founded in 2014 by CEO Gaël Escribe. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, NEXUS is disrupting the AA industry by providing its community of over 150 members in 140 countries with cutting-edge solutions and growth-accelerating services. 

In addition, NEXUS offers new ideas for a connected and consolidated future by connecting car and heavy-duty spare parts and services distributors and manufacturers through 18 regional structures. In 2022, NEXUS had a consolidated turnover of over 39 billion euros.