In Tanzania, there are a variety of cars under $3,000 to choose from. If you don't have much of a budget, then you can find it in the Tanzanian used car market. Used cars are a good option and cheaper, they are also in high demand. With the coronavirus epidemic, many people chose to buy used cars to avoid having to travel on public transport and avoid the spread of the disease.

So in Tanzania you can get a used car for less than $3,000. You should keep in mind that buying a used car means that it will have more miles, and will probably fail in the future.

You have to be careful because you have to examine the history of the car, some driving tests and have a technician check the vehicle.
Below we have used cars that are for sale in Tanzania under $3,000

1. Toyota IST

The Toyota IST came on the market in 2002 as a five-door, four-wheel drive car. This car is one of the best options due to reliability, comfort, a powerful engine and a good price, which makes this hatchback a buyers choice. The Toyota IST features driver and passenger airbags, seat belts, air conditioning, anti-lock braking system, and brake assist. This model has power windows.

Nissan X-Trail

A four-wheeled five-door SUV, the Nissan X-launched in 2000 and has been successful ever since. It is a perfect vehicle both for family use and for companies. Its cabin is spacious and its interiors comfortable, its fuel economy is excellent, as is engine performance. Electronic brake-force distribution, power windows, air conditioning, anti-lock brakes are standard on the Nissan X-trail.

Toyota Vitz

Released in 1999, this Toyota subcompact hatchback has five doors. It also has other names such as the Toyota Echo or Toyota Yaris, and its front-wheel drive. This car is widely sold in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania and this vehicle is one of the most affordable cars in the country, but it has also been marketed around the world and can still be seen in different cities around the world. The engine, reliability, comfort, fuel economy, cabin design and interior are excellent.

Toyota Noah

The Toyota Noah is a very spacious minivan with capacity for 5 to 8 people, which was introduced to the market in November 2001. It is front-wheel drive and it is a car that stands out for its practicality. It is a very spacious car, both in the passenger and driver seats, which makes it a suitable vehicle to transport the whole family or for business uses.