The 5 star Tenahead lodge, which is 2450 meters above the sea level, is regarded as the highest peak lodge in Africa and is tucked away in the mountains not very far from the summit of Nude’s Nek.

About KIA Sorrento

With breathtaking vistas and a welcoming, cozy atmosphere, a nice night's sleep allows the guests to awaken rested and prepared for their tour in KIA. Starting the mountain descent in Sorrento after taking in the breathtaking vistas from Nude’s Nek, is exceptionally satisfying, and this gives the greatest chance to make good use of Sorrento’s hill descent control.

This control reduces the driver input and makes it a little more than choosing the optimum path, crossing the pebbles and ruts by simply accelerating or stopping at an adequate speed for the gradient and road conditions.

At the foot of the mountain lodge, we reach Vrederus, the farm, which is still run by the brothers Nude, who built the first, pass approximately 130 years ago, a few kilometers away from the pass’s base.

And what you'll get when you arrive there is a great hospitality that includes a variety of delectable home-baked treats while taking pleasure in a synopsis of this historical family’s stories. Before taking the most direct route to Mt. Fletcher, we reach our original spot of Macular, which is now Nqanqarhu.

Sitting in Sorrento, you won’t even feel the road bumps

Speeding up in Sorrento, we reached the bumpy road filled with gravel, and that is when the time to test the vehicle to run on gravel came. Sitting in Sorrento, you won’t even feel the road bumps at all. This is truly exceptional. Unquestionably the most beautiful road in the state is in SA; it offers vistas of the mountain peaks and the Sani Pass as it passes through the southern Drakensberg foothills.

It gives access to a number of resorts and peaceful retreats in this picturesque location, though it is now much crowded than it once was and requires quick reflexes and judgments to escape the potholes. Even if you travel nearly 1000 km over two days, covering a variety of different roads, ranging from national highways to a variety of gravel roads and other regional roads that hardly qualify as roads at all, you won’t feel the bumps and the ride is smooth and great.


The KIA Sorento is proved to be an excellent travel companion, which gives both comfort and agility to dodge potholes, exceeding 8.0 L/100 km during the journey.