Road tragedies have decreased considerably on the Tanzanian coast where 383 accidents were recorded from January to October last year 2016. This year 2017, only 86 accidents have been reported in the same period of time. Despite the reduction, the fines have increased where the police have recorded a collection of sh. 3.19 billion in 2017 from the sh. 2.69 billion last year.

Talking during the road safety summit week held in Kibaha district on Monday 4th of December, Salumu Moromori the acting commander of the traffic department attributed the rise in fines to the increased number of road patrols as well as enhanced vehicle and driving inspections.

He also talked about the challenges faced in traffic rule enforcement where he attributed them to the poor and few roads that are not commensurate with the increasing number of vehicles. He also talked about high cases of driver’s ignorance of road safety rules.

On the part of taxi drivers in Kibaha district, the chairman Rogastus Haule claimed that their business is usually affected by the reluctance of taxi owners to decorate their cars for the sake of identification.

Evarist Ndikilo who is the regional commissioner of police and the main guest of honor in the summit applauded the traffic police officers for the work they have done in reducing the number of road accidents. He, therefore, urged the citizens to join hands with them for the noble task