Tanzania’s uber company has recently made a landmark achievement namely an increment in the earning of over 1000 of its employees through the provision of permanent and part-time jobs for the population.

According to Mr. Janet Kemboi, a lion’s share of both residents and visitors to Dar el Salaam have access to taxi services. She further accredited this positive change to the use of the uber mobile application in the city.

The head of communications for the East African region further pointed out that the levels of business in Dar el Salaam were very positive and that the company aims at uplifting the city’s business levels to rival that of neighboring Nairobi in the next five years. The current statistics indicate more than 5000 registered uber drivers in Nairobi (Kenya’s capital). Ms. Kemboi is positive that Dar will also rise to such levels.

It is a fact that uber users have the ability to access the service from any point in the globe, thus many of the foreigners visiting Dar el Salaam have managed to link up with the uber taxi drivers hence providing the job opportunities. This Ms. Kemboi explains the why and how the upsurge of uber taxi business has been achieved in the city.

The taxi company has plans of expanding its business to other cities in Tanzania like Arusha once uber’s grip on the Dar el Salaam market is firm enough according to the firm’s parameters. This will go a long way to ensure that the firm avoids possible losses.

The firm’s optimism is largely due to the fact that Uber Taxi Company is enjoying good business in Uganda and Kenya, according to Ms. Kemboi. She also revealed the firm’s plan of rolling out a food delivery app that is likely to hit the Kenyan market next year.

Joining hands with financial institutions like banks to smoothen the company’s access to credit for buying cars for would-be taxi operators is among the many plans Uber Taxi Company is working on. The success of a similar plan in neighboring Kenya impacts a lot of optimism on Alfred Msemo, the Uber-Tanzania country manager. In an interview with The Citizen, Mr. Msemo spoke of the safety guarantees that uber offers to anyone who hails an Uber taxi. The manager made reference to a survey done by the company that indicated 91% of its operators expressed their satisfaction on how the company was helping them earn a decent living.

The Uber application is operational in 80 nations in the world, 11 of which are in Africa.